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Ragini Werner, Editor + Translator



Ragini works very accurately. She pays attention to the details, but certainly to the big picture as well. Her editing resulted not just in a clearer and more confident text, it created a better balance and more unity. The text has now become a full-fledged manuscript. I hesitated to appoint an editor, seeing little need for editing, but Ragini's work convinced me that it can have great added value and that a good language editor can make your own voice stand out even more.

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Humanities
University of Amsterdam
Posted Date : 10-01-2020


I have taken the time to look at your edits because I want to learn from them and improve my English). I am delighted with your changes. It is almost frustrating to see how you have turned certain lines that I was not happy with into beautiful concise sentences. I am so happy with your improvements. Thanks again! You will hear from me again in a couple of months, when I’ll make use of your good service again.

~ PhD candidate at CICAM
(Centre for International Conflict - Analysis & Management)
Raboud University
Posted Date : 24-01-2018

How happy you've made me

How happy you’ve made me with this stunning version. I often wondered how I could make the text better and now you’ve done it beautifully. Top! Thanks also for the additional explanation. It keeps me learning. Thank you so much, for the speedy delivery too. I definitely want to use your services again in future. 

Lydia Plomp, PhD candidate
Steden University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden
Posted Date : 02-06-2017

Reliable, knowledgeable and flexible

For many years NEEDSer has been the translator and/or editor of my academic publications in psychology. Even though I always mean to send my texts to Gini well before the deadline... often it is at the last moment. However, Gini has never missed a deadline!

E. Smit, PhD candidate, Radboud University Nijmegen
Posted Date : 06-12-2016

You’ve made a real difference

Terrific that you could edit my PhD dissertation so quickly! Just had a look and see that you’ve made a real difference, although I was glad to hear that the first version was already quite readable ;-). I’ll let you know when a chapter gets published (cross fingers!) and will pass your details on to other colleagues. Thanks for your good work!

Rosemarijn van der Ploeg
PhD candidate, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Posted Date : 15-02-2016

Enthusiastic about your quality

"We found working with you an utter pleasure. Your openness, transparency and timely comments are so constructive. The publisher had someone evaluate the edited text and (as we believed he would be) he is extremely enthusiastic about your quality. He wants to publish the book. Super news, thanks to you too."

Co-authors, management consultants/facilitators
MSc in Change Methodology
Posted Date : 11-02-2016

Super thanks...

“Super thanks for editing the article. I’m really happy with the result. The text is indeed much tighter now, without any loss of meaning.” 

Martijn Felder, PhD student
Eramus University
Posted Date : 04-12-2015

Quick and great work!

I have just finished working through your language edits. Thank you again for your quick and great work! I have accepted virtually all of your suggestions. Only when it comes to hyphens I have not accepted all, to stick with the standards used in the literature. 

André Grow
Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven
Posted Date : 26-10-2015

Thanks a lot for your help

Thanks a lot for your help. Your feedback was very clear, so no aftercare required. It was a pleasure to work with you, thanks again for that!

Researcher, Rotterdam
Posted Date : 14-01-2015

You did a great job

Just wanted to let you know that I went through all the corrections and suggestions to my PhD dissertation, and I have no further questions. Thank you so much. You did a great job! Without hesitation, I will recommend NEEDSer to fellow PhD candidates

Dr. Fernando Nieto Morales
University of Groningen
Posted Date : 13-10-2014